Hello, I'm Bob Georgeff, the guy behind Fresh Start Reading.  Although I didn’t know it at the time, my career started with a boy named Earnest many years ago. In the middle of fourth-grade, Earnest arrived as a new student, and the teacher seated him next to me. "Bob, will you help Earnest learn how our class works?  Help him get out his books, find the right pages, make sure he writes down the homework, and knows when we’re leaving for gym – things like that?" “Sure!” I said, glad she picked me.  As time went on, I noticed other kids made fun of Earnest when he didn’t catch on to things.  I remember wondering why – weren’t we supposed to welcome him and make sure he felt like a part of us?

I recently saw a career-guidance book entitled, “Paid to be You.”  The book encourages you to find your passion and get paid for doing what comes easily to you. In teaching, I don’t have to struggle to be patient when a student doesn't understand something. I ask questions to locate the point at which their confusion begins and start there, like I'm solving a puzzle. 


My passion is to free-up students who feel that they are worth less than others because they can't read well.  I love seeing students released from thinking they're inferior to discovering what they're good at, so they can pursue their natural strength and even be paid to do it one day.  So while working on weak areas, I help uncover the strengths and qualities that students with learning differences may not even know they have, and which are typically not measured in school, such as people-skills or mechanical ability. In addition to a good curriculum and effective software, struggling students also need a person in their corner who points out their strong points and encourages them to develop them further.


  • Certified Dyslexia Practitioner by Children's Dyslexia Centers, Inc.

  • 5-Year Ohio Professional Education of the Handicapped Teaching License, K-12

  • State of Washington Professional Teaching Certificate in Special Education, K-12

  • Master's Degree in Learning Disabilities & Behavior Disorders, Ohio State University



  • 2 years: special education teacher at a private school in Thailand

  • 5 years: special-needs and high school director at Hewitt Homeschooling Resources

  • 8 years: public school special education resource-room/inclusion teacher

  • 12 years: online special-education teacher

“Mr. G. is a great teacher and willing to hear what students have to say before giving them advice on what to do.”

— Former Student